episode #7
As this year draws to a close, Barbara Bui has chosen the tiger with its captivating power and free energy. Unusual yet elegant, this embroidery is headed for top spot with radical geometry and impeccable masculine/feminine for the night of your life.
Photos : Thomas Goldblum
Embroidered Grain de Poudre dress
A masterpiece, the embroidered tiger shines splendidly on an elegant dress or jacket. So powerful, the radiant sequins brighten up oversized pants and the luminously understated grain de poudre of an oversized suit jacket or long tuxedo-style dress.
Double-breasted Grain de Poudre tuxedo jacket
Leather spencer - Long grain de poudre skirt
Sequin battle trousers
Tartan masculine jacket with tiger embroidery
Grain de Poudre masculine jacket with embroidered tiger